Reschedule Your Riot - EP

by The Daiquiris

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released May 6, 2014

produced and recorded by hink creations (
mastered by derek demulling
drums recorded at sanctum sound

album artwork by ruby lawrence (
album design by hink creations

dack conroy – vocals & keys
webb sandquist – guitars
derek demulling – bass
greg settino – drums
ryan hinkle – bitchin'-ass kazoo solo

all songs written by d. conroy



all rights reserved


The Daiquiris Boston, Massachusetts

Viscerally punky, stylistically eclectic powerpop—the sonic equivalent of a candy apple with a razor inside.

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Track Name: Bending Silverware
What's the deal?
What's concealed?
Oh sweetheart, are you for real
Or is this just another test?

Is tenderness
What this is
Or some clairvoyant pop quiz
On your unspoken requests?

You're unsure
My love's pure
That much I can infer
But I'll need a little help with the rest

You must think I'm capable of reading minds
And bending silverware
But I don't really care
What you keep hidden underground

My dear, I gotta say I feel perfectly fine
Blissfully unaware
If there's something that you'd like to share
You'd better learn to just say it out loud now

What's going on?
Tell me what's wrong
And I'm not literate in palm
So I'll need a straightforward response

'Cause my heart
Won't take part
No, it ain't gonna guess your card
'Cause all it knows is you're all it wants

Every time I let my guard down
You're throwing knives
When I armor up
Your lightning strikes
Nothing that I do or say
Ever quite seems to suffice
Track Name: GTFOLA
Dear, since you chose a change of coast
I've held my breath since you went west
Abandoned me and your post
So chase those dreams but babe, it seems
Life's similar to when you were
Here and at least you had me

So get the fuck out of the city of angels
The airfare's so much cheaper one way
You know their brand of pleasure only turns painful
And by any measure you know where you're meant to stay

All your new friends, they condescend
To all of those in last week's clothes
But know their taste all depends
On connoisseurs, critics and whores
And all those people we swore we would
Be so proud to ignore

That city's so lucky just to hold you so long
But if it's trying to change you then it's got you all wrong
I know you're just excited that you got invited
But if you don't like it
Then you don't like it
And we know you don't like it
So just come back to where you belong

Interest that's feigned is bound to wane
And when that happens we'll start mapping
Your route out of LA
Track Name: One More Year
Fell in love with a victim of
This damned quicksand town
Me and you, we're just two
Free spirits gagged and bound
Tethered to the ground

That look
I see it in your eyes
You're so bored
You're so dissatisfied
But there's more than you let them see
You're awfully similar to me

Ain't it Wild as Irish Rose?
Taste it, wasted
No one drives you home
I saved my passenger's seat for you
But I got pretty plastered too

You and I, we always jived
But I closed my eyes and you vaporized
I'll wait for one more year
For you to reappear
Then we'll rise and we'll rule the skies
At least that's what I've hypothesized
I'll wait for one more year
Then I'm outta here

We all slip off the grid sometimes
But did you break the stranglehold?
All I left was a cry for help
So inaudible
From every breath you stole

That look
I see it in the mirror
Wish I gave you
While you still were here
Wondering baby, where are you now?
Did my time run out?

I just
Sit and wait for you
Stupid, you did
Just what I would do
If I weren't so head over heels
Such an easy heart to steal

I'm just another scuffed up hostage of
This venus fly trap scene
But maybe one day you'll save me
And hoist me from this dead routine
Into the back seat of your dreams
Track Name: Slow Cooker
My love's a slow cooker
My heart's a watched pot on the boil
My love's a slow cooker
But eventually
You're gonna warm up to me

I ain't never been one of those hotshot
AK-hearted pistol-started engine-revving scamps
And you ain't never felt good about staying
Buckled when those knuckleheads start speeding towards the ramps

I always see you crushing
On one of those guys who's rushing
Running off where folks like me walk
But they're mixing up the order
Laying bricks before the mortar
And you wonder why their timing's so off

But if you could just choose patience
Over their accelerations
And maybe just for once, take in the view
It's not the destination, it's the journey
No point in arriving early
When I can take my sweet time with you

I've never really speeded except when it was needed
But for you my dear, I'd gladly go and take a leap of faith
I may not be in a hurry but baby, don't you worry
I know better than to make you wait
Track Name: Alibi
Darling, bite your tongue
Your words self-incriminate
Silence is uncertain
But it won't cause this heart to break
My better judgement
Need not apply
'Cause it's just gonna bludgeon
The refuge from your alibi

Trusting you was magic
A bond I would never break
But now I can't admit
Trusting you was a mistake
Cringing as I bottle up
The skeptic in my heart
Tiptoe 'round the plotholes
Lest your story fall apart

I've fallen in love with your alibi
I pull the ripcord
But the parachute's ripped in half
I spit out my last words
Unfit for an epitaph

Yesterday I loved you
Today I don't know what to make of you
But please just spin me one last lie
Pull this blindfold back over my eyes
And please revise your alibi